(Founder and CEO)

Martin Kolu

Martin was a serial entrepreneur already before finishing high school and founding BBFG – to name a few, he started small enterprises and took challenges within providing cable internet in apartment buildings to selling module buildings and jukeboxes. From 2006 on he has executed the fast and organic growth of BBFG and he’s definitely not done yet. It always feels for him like the journey has just begun.

(Founder and COO)

Urmo Kokmann

Urmo studied mechanics at first and then economics in Tallinn Technical University. He has extensive experience in project management ranging from start-ups to real estate. A few years back he also founded a successful printing house. After landing on the idea of establishing BBFG in 2006, he has been leading the everyday operations and business development in BBFG.

(Chief Legal Officer and Head of Debt Collection Department)

Darbi-Julia Tarmisto

Darbi-Julia has an MA in Law Sciences and more than 15 years of experience in the debt collection field. Her cheerfulness and positive attitude is infectious within the collective and she is a great mentor to all her colleagues. Due to the inner joy she spreads around, her great characteristics brought her the BBFG team award “Goofball 2017”. She’s been with us since 2010.

(Chief Customer Officer and Head of Loan and Payments Department)

Aljona Mets

Aljona completed her studies in Health Care, but later branched in other fields including law, data protection, project management and loan management. Some of Aljona‘s greatest attributes are her incredible intelligence along with dedication and ability to focus on company’s consistent development and growth. She is the reason BBFG’s loan and payment processes run with ease. Aljona has been with us since 2008.

(Chief Human Resources Officer)

Maarika Viilver

Maarika has been responsible for careful selection of such a strong team. She has a true talent in solving issues while maintaining healthy relations within the working group. The success and productivity of BBFG are a credit to her pleasant and professional working nature. Maarika’s knowledge within HR have consistently been bringing in new and innovative talent and ways of building the best workplace ever. Maarika has been a vital part of our team since 2012.

(Chief Financial Officer)

Monike Männa

Monike is an Excel-sheet-queen that no company can survive without. She’s our conscience and insider in finances. Staying true to her skills and expertise in accounting - she’s precise, conscientious and her ultimate goal is the companies’ growing profit. Her aim is automatization and improvement of processes and overall quality of the work. Monike joined us in 2015.

(Chief Marketing Officer)

Kristel Kongas

Kristel is a full-stack marketer with skills both in digital and traditional marketing. She has a diverse marketing background having worked in different sectors such as lending, parking, publishing and retail. In BBFG Kristel focuses on our company’s growth by planning, executing and analyzing our marketing activities. Kristel joined us in 2019.

We endeavor to be a great place to work for people thriving for excellence in fin-tech world and best choice for customers who need to make financial expenses with short-term loans. Within our journey we have grown marketwise, country wise and client wise. New motivated and bright talents join our team each year.